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Richard Hoffman
News12 Meteorologist

So you want to be a meteorologist?

You need a 4-year degree with emphasis on Math and Science. Which means Calculus, chemistry and Physics.

Very good online weather guide:
Study Guide 1 - 10th Edition
Study Guide 2 - 9th Edition

Weather Schools:
National Weather Service -
University at Albany -
Lyndon State College -
Oneonta State -
Penn State -
SUNY Stony Brook -
Rutgers -
Cornell -
Western Connecticut State -,
Oswego State -
Mississippi State -

Science Organizations
American Meteorological Society -
National Weather Association -
American Meteorological Society for students -
List of Weather Schools from AMS-
National Weather Association School List -

Computer Models Meteorologists use to forecast: - National Weather Service - National Hurricane Center SUNY Albany Computer Data - Aviation Weather Center -SUNY Stony Brook Computer data - Hydrometeorological Prediction Center - US map room National Centers for Environmental Prediction - Computer models from Dupage College - Unisys Weather Forecast Products - National Weather Service - Long Island - Text Data from National Weather Service - University of Illinois - More Text data from NWS